dzThis extremely late update brought to you courtesy of the poster below, who is also responsible for the awesome first panel of this strip. Seriously, how cool is that first panel?

jeffSorry for the massive delay, the new work hours meant I’ve become pretty tired coming back in the evening so often lost motivation to get it done. Even a Sunday wasn’t enough time to finish it. I hope it would just be an off week. Still expect delays but I will still commit to giving you loyal readers a page a week with no sacrifice to quality….hopefully.

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  1. Hchano

    That sucks. new work loads always throw shit off. You'll find a way to adjust. :>

    Also oh shit @ page.

  2. The Aussie Bloke

    Lightning flinger. I knew it.

  3. Jeffrey Hope

    Hey, don't feel bad. Take as long as you need to take on the comic.

  4. Peter

    I foresee a ride the lightning joke incoming.

  5. sirbaconofbaconshire

    "Police"? Not FBI? Not Special Forces? Not Task Force Whatever? Not even Military Police? Just "Police"?

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