Pixellated: Christmas Eve, and it doesn’t feel like it at all. Not even annoyance from constant annually repeated songs, thrashing their way into your ears every time you enter what is deemed a public space. Anyway, here’s your next page. While I’m no stranger to Chemistry, I did have to correct a tiny bit of the script. Electrolysis uses e- to denote the use of electrons (the dash in superscript is since they are negatively charged), which is the functional part that makes electric effects occur. Inducing an electrical current on a chemical element or compound isn’t just ‘+E’ on the equation. While there’s no element with the symbol ‘E’, it’s incorrect.

Jeff:On the 22nd day of christmas, my holidays gave to me: 2 media assignments, 1 panthera comic, 4 sleepless nights, and a panthera christmas image still to be doooonneeee. Yup, had to give a flash assignment  on monday, and another…tommorow. x.x Its kinda why this page is a fair amount rougher than before. For that I apologise. Pix did a good job tidying it up though. Still, least Taylor’s expression come out well.

And yeh, hopefully on the 25th if you browse the site again you’ll see something extra. If not, sometime this week.

Other than that, Happy Holidays to all (and possible zombie surviving on L4D :P)

D.Z.:Erf, I did screw up. I think my high school science teacher used a lower-case e as a simplified symbol for enthalpy–for determining endo- or exothermia. Or maybe I just totally misremember. Anyway, good fix.

Only think worse than a first-day pop quiz, apparently, is the ensuing strange lecture seemingly given for only your benefit…


  1. okami

    i… am kinda scared i knew what he was talking about….

  2. Splotch

    oooh, foreshadowing

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