dzStuff’s still in flux, but I’ve finally made a writing breakthrough, so I should be able to dash ahead for a bit.

This week, I just wanted to thank the incomparable Andreling/KingdomKey, who has been among our amazing superfans who have worked really hard (and really flatteringly) to put together our surprisingly stellar TVTropes page and our new characters page at the same site. Thanks, KK!!

jeffA new page finally, I thank you peeps beforehand for being patient. And keep those comments coming, we always want to hear what you guys and girls think.

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  1. The Aussie Bloke

    Fangs and claws out, team, it's HERO TIME!

  2. Bale Fire

    I'm sure it's just a freak electrical storm.

    Inside a building… on a sunny day… yeah…

  3. Komitadjie

    New plan. All future contacts of such nature will be backed up by at least a full squadron of A-10 ground-attack aircraft.

  4. nooneimportant

    its a wolf!
    no…A liger!
    oo oo oo a WOLVERINE
    sigh while that would be awesome its probably just a leopard or a cheeta.

  5. Hchano

    Love the last panel :'D Get to work, kids!!

    Also, DAMMNN you guys have a badass TVTropes! I haven't looked at mine in a while…[aww, it hasn't been updated in over a year..haha…]

  6. Something Wicked

    Just the words they were waiting to hear.

    Anyway, any bet's on who will be th e last one standing?

  7. Voduxe

    Oh hell yeah! Things are about to get fun!

  8. Accidental Leopard

    It's the Cybermen!

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