dzJeff really kicked some butt this week and knocked this page out of the park in half of the last page’s time. Round of applause for Jeff! Leave some comments about how awesome he is? :-)

jeffAfter a few fixes and the new page is up. I also did a Valentines sketch of our favourite (well my fave) couple.

EDIT 18/02: Click here for the finished piece.

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  1. Tiri

    Yay! Panthera updated!

    Thanks so much for whipping out a new page, Jeff!

  2. Senji

    Lol Pardus xD

  3. Rem Anon

    Awesomeness confirmed. :3
    Pardus <3

  4. Lithas

    NOPE! chuck testa

  5. A Z

    Yup a roadrunner is very happy.
    Jeff is awesome =]

  6. Michaela

    that poor coyote… never saw it coming… glass eyes and all that…

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