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jeffPlayin’ mind tricks, son.

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  1. Jindra34

    Oh lord either Ari is here or we have an anti-panthera. Not sure which would end worse.

  2. Sinf

    AI? haha.

  3. The Aussie Bloke

    Lightning flinger who moves at lightning speed…

    Earth and water should be able to handle it. Ground 'em, then fling the lightning back at 'em.

    Re: comment system: No facebook account for me 😛

  4. Senji

    Ahh the suspense! D: *waits patiently for next page*

  5. nony

    PLEASE be a hotter than hell anti-villain potential fifth ranger. *crosses fingers* >_<

  6. Accidental Leopard

    What're the odds on this "mystery" feline eventually joining the team before the "novel" is over?

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