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jeffAnyone get the feeling Tigris is angry as hell? Just a smidgen?

Also pass your congratulations to hchano over at Dreamscar as she is pregnant with a baby girl! :3

Another good news is that Pix will be coming back with his Blake comics. So if you missed that scheming cat, hopefully you’ll see new adventures on TWC incentives. Speaking of, don’t forget to vote for us on this new month.

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  1. Darwin00

    Aw she got dupped so bad on that one! I could see that it was one of her own soldiers!

  2. The Aussie Bloke

    An angry warrior is a careless warrior. Tigris made the most basic mistake of all.

  3. DragonForLife

    Oh come on. I am disappointed Tigris. ITS TELEPATHY! Its joking around with you!

  4. garbud

    anyone notice that part of Tigris face is now gone?

  5. Peter

    Wait wait wait wait. I stop visiting for a week and you update twice? What is this madness?

  6. Thraxus908

    I HATE getting current on a good comic. especially when you think it will go on a lot longer!

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