dzI’ll be reminding everyone for a while that voting incentive Blake comics are back! I’d hope we could push Panthera back into the top 100, so everyone, please start voting, especially on April 1. You guys rock!!

Oh, and there’s been talk on the forums that Pardus is a “troper,” and I figured I’d reinforce that a bit with this page, as a thank-you to everyone who’s worked so hard to make our tropes page awesome. :-)

jeffHe got 99 theories, but a good one ain’t one.

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  1. Darwin00

    Oh there are so many possibilities cropping up right now!!

  2. Peter

    *Insert Bear-trap here.

  3. Johnna Wadelin

    Aaaaaah I'll be so sad if she turns out to be a bad guy! T_T This is looking great so far! So excited to see more!

  4. The Aussie Bloke

    And the conspiracy theorists go into overdrive

  5. Iron

    Just read through this whole comic…I'm sorry to say this, but the scripting is painful, the artwork is AWFUL, and nobody involved seems to want to even try to improve. Disappointed, and a huge waste of time. I'm an artist myself and have worked night and day to be as best as I can be at what I do…here all I see is laziness; the artwork is consistent from the start to the current page. No improvement at all. Please, mister artist man…LOOK AT BIG CAT ANATOMY. One of my personal specialties is big cat art, and seeing their anatomy mangled in such a hamfisted way is just painful.

    This is not a flame, I feel I must add…if you can't take a harsh crit from a fellow artist, then you'll never improve, end of. I truly hope you do at some point.

  6. The Aussie Bloke

    Dude, don't feed the troll.

  7. Something Wicked

    It's ALWAYS C'Thulu!

  8. Iron

    Visit a zoo, sir? I'm sorry, but the anatomy here is atrocious. I'm not ego tripping either, it's called a crit. It's what artists do for each other.

    The heads don't need to be shrunk, actually…most big cats have large heads, with the exception of snow leopards and cheetahs. Ever been a zoo, mate?

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