dzThis week on Blake, meet Jake! That’s right, Jake!.

Everyone remembers Asher and Chloe, right? And Marina? Okay, good.

I’m having some fun here taking shots at my own profession here. Asher is a bit of a caricature of my own days as a high school newspaper editor (a fairly common caricature, but a true one,) and Marina’s crack mirrors others that I’ve heard before about the state of reporting. But no, it’s not actually dying, just being reborn. Go, new media!

jeffFinally got this finished, blame it on Gabbygums. 😛

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  1. Hchano

    Lmao @ blacksmithing xD

  2. The Aussie Bloke

    Truant for a week… Skipping clubs for two… And Pardus suggested "finding the guy (Ari) herself" last we saw her…

    Getting a lot of paranoid red flags going up here.

  3. Eboreg


  4. Kitty

    She looks depressed really?

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