dzHey look, tension. Kira is talking about this quick decision on her ex’s part, by the way.

Also, this week Blake turns 50 comics old! Vote for Panthera to get your Blake (and Jake!)

jeff Funny thing, Kira’s top was even less, which D.Z was quick to point out would not be approved in High School. I just based her sports wear on the recent unveiling of the British Olympic uniforms, and the female top was raised. Ah well, still came out pretty well, and also you see Kira. 😛

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  1. Darwin00

    That was probably not the thing (or the time) to air out that little bit of bad blood!

  2. Bale Fire

    It's funny how a little mark makes Tigra look so much more pissed.

  3. That guy

    Should have never broke up with her

  4. Hetha

    I wonder what her parents will say about that scar!

  5. chatterbaby

    Ok it took me long enough, but I THINK I figured out what that word is in the 5th pannel.

    "You hate dvvying the team…." Is that supposed to be divvy-ing? (Divh-ee-ing ?) Or a major spell fail of dividing?

  6. The Aussie Bloke

    Discussing personal and/or classified issues in a public place.

    Not your smartest decision there, Leo.

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