dzIt’s been a little while since we’ve last seen our friend Andre, right? Lest you forget, he was actually one of our very earliest characters.

Also this week, Blake attempts to awaken the primal hate within his brother.

jeffSurprisingly I quite like how Colin looks very good. Not sure why. Prob because of what secret lies in his laptop. What could it be? Post your guess in the comments below, or on our forum or Facebook group.

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  1. Hethaa

    Oh man! 😛 I can't wait to see how THIS pans out!

  2. Peter

    This is the second time I've seen "Quidnunc" used in a month and those were the first two times I've seen it in my life (24 yrs of reading). The other was a civil war history book by Foner. Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men if I recall correctly. Anyway, I'm guessing it is more of a regional term than anything.

    I am enjoying the story. Good work.


  3. Darren McRoy

    I've heard of that book, but never read it. I admit it's not a common term but a.) Asher's the wordsmith-y type and b.) it fit better than anything else. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. nony

    Colin watches naughty videos on his laptop…

  5. Peter

    Naughty videos not featuring any women.

  6. Darren McRoy

    What suggested that? :-) Incidentally, my description of Colin was "brown-haired kid." Anything else is Jeff's license. Heh.

  7. Peter

    Well, she's now an Ex(-girlfriend). Besides, in high-school there's not a lot a laptop can feature on an extended basis that would be tantamount to high-school social suicide except for revelations of gayosity or badly written self-insert Drarry fanfiction. I prefer to believe the former. Also, hairclip.

  8. Gwendolyn Smit

    …I think that's a pencil/pen, not a hairclip. But yeah, I think the implication was a revelation of gayosity.

  9. @J38UK

    It's a pen, tho granted not as noticeable once you see the whole page.

    As for gayosity (is that what the kids are calling it now? lol), it's partially on purpose character design wise. It just so happened his hairstyle and clothing choice just made him, well, lean on the other side of the fence.

    In actuality tho? There is no confirmation on exactly what his preference is, nor do we suggest what was on his laptop. For all you know, his ex could have left him because of bad Twilight fan fiction. 😛

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