dzThis’d be the same cabin where we last saw Dr. Søren Oosterhuis, or whatever he is these days. And incidentally, the Quinn family is playing Apples to Apples, although the card colors are off as of this writing… going to have Jeff fix that.

jeffTwists and turns at every turn one might say. Changed how I did dark shadows and silloettes a little. Hopefully looks alright.

EDIT: Some minor alterations. Got the card colours wrong as it turns out. 😛

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  1. Senji

    Hmm I wonder who this admirer is. I'll just have to stay tuned ^^

  2. Jeffrey Hope

    Is Ari… ALIVE!?

  3. Voduxe

    Oooo, let the blood spill. Can't wait to see this fight.

  4. Darwin00

    I have a feeling someone is playing both sides against the middle.

  5. @J38UK

    This day is going to be perfect
    The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small
    Everybody will gather round
    And then blame each other until the end
    What they don't know is that I have fooled them all!!!

  6. Accidental Leopard

    Ooooh, creepy eyes in the dark.
    Something is evil-ish.

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