dzIt’s been a very long time since we last saw Leo and Onca’s parents, Issac Quinn and Valentine Harris. (Yes, those are their names; no, it’s never been in the comic yet.) Also, Apples to Apples with two players would be a good game for someone with really low self-esteem…

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jeffHad a little fun deciding what car to go with for the agency. Knew it had to be a SUV or offroader. But I also wanted something that looked sleak yet menacing. As it turns out the Land Rover LRX fit the bill.

Sadly its a night scene but at the same time it meant I was able to tweak the lighting a little for vehicles and street lights.

EDIT 06/05: Check out some new art of the crew taking some well deserved break at the beach: IMAGE

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  1. Amber Thompson

    Ounces, another name for Snow Leopards.

  2. Bale Fire

    Valentine looks a little young, other than that, cool.

  3. sirbaconofbaconshire

    Hmm, maybe it was "fashion bounces"? Is rubber in this season?

  4. Accidental Leopard

    Snow leopards are actually some of the nicest wildcats… which I know from some very strange real-life experience…
    Cougars, on the other fork of the tail…

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