dzI have nothing to say this week. Enjoy the page; three left in this chapter!

jeffExperimented with the scene and crew being a little darker than usual. Hopefully works out.

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  1. John

    Now that Tigris isn't dating Leo anymore, I'm sure there has to be at least one (if not more) guys back at high school trying to go out with her. That could be a pretty funny and interesting story right there. Especially if she were to try and run him off by turning into a tiger only to discover that he likes tigers…
    Just thought.

  2. The Aussie Bloke

    "Where is it?!" eh? I suspect this facility may have been a bluff. The S43 ain't there.

  3. Vix

    "Where is it?!" …
    i totally didn't hear that in the voice of the Bug/roach thing from Men in Black… XD

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