dzThose of you who have been following Panthera for a long time may have noticed that we tend to work with chapters of 24 pages. You may also deduce that, since this is page 8.22, we’re about to finish the chapter. You’d be right!

Oh, and happy Memorial Day for all our U.S. readers!

jeffLong delay but page is finally up.

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  1. Darwin00

    curiouser and curiouser! I'm dying to see this new creature!

  2. Kitty

    Another cat? Smaller that a Tiger? Several cats come to mind :)
    Cheetah mostly
    ^.^ Cant wait for the next page, i love this comic <3

  3. GUEST

    One of Ari's early Panthera prototypes?

  4. Guest

    I think this is a new Panthera and I think this one is an electricity powered …. Snow Leopard

  5. guest

    I was actually thinking ocelot… mostly because it sound like ounce and it's kind of smallish (at least in comparison to these cats)

  6. Darren McRoy

    Ooh, I'm excited to roll out these next two pages. :-)

  7. Vince

    You people are funny. Its a snow leopard. One just needs to realize that the term Panthera is a taxonomy name. The few that are missing are either geographical variants of the panthera we have now, extinct species, and of course the snow leopard. All other cats are not Pantheras so they are disqualified
    Panthera Uncia is coming!

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