dzAnd, finally! There were plenty of clues that this was coming, and indeed, plenty of our readers picked up on it. Well done all. Special credit goes to our superfan KingdomKey, who actually called snow leopard based on one of the earliest clues: the Growl “missing something.” (Incidentally, for those unfamiliar, snow leopards can be qualified either Panthera uncia or Uncia uncia depending on who you ask; that’s the taxonomic dispute Leo is thinking of.)

Howe~ver, there is still one page left… and one thing that everyone has missed. I don’t blame you because there’s been plenty of misdirection, but I will say two things: 1.) the patterns are staying the same, and 2.) it has to do with something Jason/Leo said earlier this chapter. Have fun! :-)

jeffAnd we can finally reveal our mystery villain; Uncia. While not as challenging to draw given the many similarities species wise there are a few unique changes. The obvious being her giant mane tail. Another is that she has more defined fur around her paws, which you wouldn’t see here given the amount of fire, smoke and electricity everywhere. Also more pronounced fur lines overall as well as a more unique face pattern around the eyes.

Our fans are pretty smart really figuring it out weeks ago from a few. I had no idea really, I still wanted it to be MegaNeko Mk2 just to mess with you people. 😛

EDIT: Want Uncia on your desktop? check out the wallpaper version:

FurAffinity | Deviantart | Twitter | Youtube


  1. Brent

    I have some more questions. Why give the snow leopard electricity powers and not ice? Also will there be other cats with elemental powers in future chapters? Powers like ice, light, darkness, etc?

  2. Brent

    I knew it! Now I have a few questions. Is it a boy or girl and who is he or she?

  3. Kitty

    Gorgeously drawn guys x
    i don't know why but i keep reading the snow leopards speech in a Spanish accent? xD

  4. Jeffrey Hope

    I like the concept of a villain just like them at the end here.

  5. nony

    Snow leopard! Hell yeah! <3

  6. The Aussie Bloke

    Now, the big question: What lies has Ari fed our lightning-flinging minion? Are they doing this because they know the truth and think he's right, or because he fed them a load of bull? And will they pull a face-heel turn if they find out it was the latter? Looking forward to the answers!

  7. Peter

    Thank you Jeff, you've narrowed down our list of suspects by half in gendering the reveal.

  8. Peter

    If you did manage to pull a fast one, I'll be impressed. However, I don't give you that much credit. No offense.

  9. Darren McRoy

    Wow, thanks so much for all the comments, guys. I should roll out a new villain every other page. :-)

  10. Wraithlike

    Wow…way to draw the most unconvincing snow leopard ever. The anatomy and colours are all wrong and you obviously have no concept of how the skin wrinkles when a big cat snarls. At all. What the hell is going on with the paw/foreleg prespective in panel 4? It looks like either a horrifying break or that the limb is made of elastic. Please learn to foreshorten.

  11. Brent

    So where is the next page?

  12. druidofthewolf

    so the snow leopard assassin is her name?
    the reason i say she is i think it is the schools news reporter that quit.
    if it not her then only the power that make this comic magically come in to being know who it is

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