dzYipes, I just realized that the page as-written reads badly. Leo isn’t IDENTIFYING the snow leopard as Köhler… he’s identifying the wounds that he saw as being the same ones he saw on Köhler. I’ll have Jeff edit that as soon as he gets a chance.

jeffEDIT: Leo’s line concerning Kohler has been changed. As clarification, Uncia is not Kohler. Much as I would like to bring her back cause she was awesome to draw, she is still dead.

And that’s another chapter done. We’re pretty pleased at the mostly positive reaction to Uncia’s reveal and the story itself. We expect some cool things ahead in later chapters, but I won’t spoil anything. As always, if you enjoy Panthera, don’t forget to vote for us on TWC.

In the next day or so, I’ll be transferring my stuff to a new PC rig I bought. Shouldn’t delay us too much, in that we’re already behind schedule and since it’s a cover week, it shouldn’t take too long. If this new rig works out well, I hope to start recording more gaming sessions on my youtube channel. Suggest games if you want, or if you want me to do commentary.

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  1. Brent

    Kohler? What does that mean? Cool that the snow leopards color is purple. I hope that we find out who it is in the next chapter.

  2. Hchano

    Whaaat…. Valeska? Or were they referring to wounds she got and this is… someone else?? Not Ari but…whut??? I'M CONFUSED 8DD I shall wait for other people to spell it out for me haha.

  3. Darren McRoy

    Leo recognized aether wounds because he saw them on Valeska Kohler. Hm, I may rewrite that to make that clearer.

  4. Guest

    So Darren is saying that the snow leopard is not Valeska Kohler, but Leo recognizes the wounds on the victims that the snow leopard has wounded are the same as Kohler's wounds when Ari killed her. So does this mean that the snow leopard also controls aether, just like Ari does?

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