dzWe’ll get back to the warehouse promptly, but first, stuff going on elsewhere. The actual Inspector General of the DOJ at time of writing is a guy named Michael E. Horowitz, but for the comic’s sake we have our own Ms. Villalongo.

jeffBehind on pages, to which I apologise, but we’re here now. And there be trouble ahead….

With my new gaming rig, I’ve started recording playthroughs of games again. Atm I decided to record F.3.A.R. but feel free to suggest other games, or maybe interest in livestreaming. Who knows but comment away.

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  1. GUEST

    Are their codes usually based on Greek letters?

  2. Darwin00

    "The nicest way I've ever been called a bitch…" LOL! Interesting insight into another aspect of this situation.

  3. V4V

    this kids this weekend -> the kids this weekend

  4. bargamer

    If they have a code for it, they have a counter-plan, right?

    Livestream Guild Wars 2!

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