dzGoing to try to get a few more updates speedier, but I’ve been really slacking on writing lately for a variety of excuses, most dealing with trying to learn to have a life (that or being a golf addict… hey, I eagled a 550-yard par 5 today!) Don’t worry, I remain thoroughly committed to my gang of kitty warriors. :-)


jeffSorry for the week delay, delays on both sides meant this was pushed to this week. Enjoy regardless tho.

And to those watching my youtube account, I have started to do a playthrough of W40k: Space Marine. Check out part 1 here: Part 1

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  1. Darwin00

    Oh my, a vote of no confidence from their own? That's no good at all!

  2. The Aussie Bloke


  3. GUEST

    That's Spanish for… hold on, let me look that cono up… is it a conjugat- nope. It means "But WTS (that is, WTF with an S instead of an F)?"

  4. Jaceive

    Am I the only one who had a really hard time following the dialogue on this page?

  5. Josh.C

    Interesting…from what I'm getting from these two, they have some kind of suspicion of the four kids.

    But at the same time, their up to something that Panthera might not like. Who's really playing who here?

  6. taiyoutenshi

    Eventually it's going to come to 'Shit, meet fan' and probably sooner than later…

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