dzLike Ari said: he doesn’t like remaking past mistakes.

jeffUncia is not the villain they want, but the villain they need….wait that doesn’t work. Enjoy the comic!

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Don’t know what SpiderForest is? Have a look at the top of the page and check out some of the webcomics available, including the brilliant Dream*scar.

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  1. GUEST

    AHA! I just looked up doulos. Not surprisingly, it's Greek. It has to do with the "servant of a servant" thing Uncia said. Wikipedia says that doulos means slave, although it is biblically translated as servant. She means the biblical variety of doulos, it would seem. So she is not a servant of Aristotle's servant– she probably works for him directly, but HE is the servant of someone else!
    I'm not using "she" just because the creators have sometimes used "she" for the gender. They COULD be trying to trick us. I just really think of Uncia as a she-cat.

  2. Josh.C

    I don't like how Uncia explanation sounds.

    If what she's saying fits into what those two last page are talking. Then I would be a little concerned for Panthera's future safety right now.

    I also noticed that she hasn't really put much into this fight. I wonder if she knows something that Panthera doesn't and just how important it is if she does?

  3. The Aussie Bloke

    Oh shi-

  4. Clint Walker

    What a twist!

  5. Jindra34

    Oh dear this one real is going to be a problem.

  6. Bale Fire

    Onca looks a pudgy in that second panel. Seem's she's finally learned to eat those all those deer the others have been catching 😉

    That being said, apart from that second panel the felines do look a lot more better. New equipment? New drawing technique? Maybe it's just me.

  7. The Aussie Bloke

    The question now is: Brainwashed, or legitimate?

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