Pixellated: Updates Wednesdays! Dizzy can shove his proposed 0:00 updates up his arse.

Jeff: You know, my canteen area does look a little like this, although more cream and light orange. Spend alot of time with my friends there for lunch, laughs and revision….and cheating. Lawl. The layout for this page was actually quite different to this one now, but I changed it to put more focus on the 3 characters you see now new…only not new if you read the first page….kinda anti-climatic now really.

Also, what Marina says in the first panel can easily be switched with “The line must be drawn here!!! This far, no further!!!” XD

D.Z.: I like to imagine the slow buildup of this opening will all be worth it in the end. I also like to imagine unicorns are real. :-)

Anyways, Jeff’s tower-tri-profile layout beats the hell out of my proposed version, so props there.

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  1. untrophwarthei

    Very good !!!!!.

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