dzI really hope Uncia learns how to speak Growl properly fairly soon. It’s really hard to write menacing dialogue for our snow leopard when it can only speak in broken fragments!

But we all speak the language of a paw or aether bolt to the face.

jeffI think we’re both pleased how the last panel came out. Funny insider working, the blood effects across the panel was temporary during sketching just to show blood was there. But D.Z liked it so much I touched up on it and expanded the blood along with the aether effects. Hopefully you guys and gals like it too.

Don’t forget I’m more active on Youtube now as well, currently playing through Space Marine but feel free to recommend a potential game.

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  1. Vince

    It would be so interesting if the whole Pantera slowly dieing thing is a lie just to keep them as a tool and under control

  2. Darwin00

    ACK! Makes one wonder though…like what Vince said…what if their "cancer" is just a line to keep them in line with what they want them to do?

  3. apstorm

    Uncia says they're high and mighty, while Uncia is sounding just as much, if not more. A groomed fanatic.

  4. Guest

    I lol'd when I saw the place name above the time. I lived in Hubbardston, MA for six years when I was little, before moving to where I am now. I just told my mother what town showed up in what I was reading and she said, "Don't be silly, no one is FROM Hubbardston, :p"

    I couldn't argue the point since Panthera isn't from there either.

  5. maydistingre


  6. Catprog

    Just catching up. I now don't think it is there.

  7. Accidental Leopard

    Betting the "serum is in this warehouse" thing was just a sort of "feeding information" scheme. Probably somewhere else.
    I said this before, but if Aristotle wants to cure cancer, why doesn't he use his aether powers to do it? I'm betting he doesn't even care about curing cancer anymore…

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