dzFor those who don’t know, when I’m not writing about teenage werepanthers, I hold down a job as a reporter for a small Chicago suburb. In the spirit of page views fun, I thought I might share some of the more interesting stuff I’ve done lately. So from the storms of the past couple weeks, check out this video/photos of a massive electrical fire and this story about an over-200-year-old oak tree that got ripped to shreds. So this is why updates are sometimes a bit late! :-)

jeff Sorry for the lateness, I blame the sun over here in Blighty. Also Olympics…..yeh.

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  1. Darwin00

    Guys guys…this is not the time for this particular argument. You are letting your enemy have time to recover!

  2. Kitty

    Guys your loosing the ability to attack NOW while its shocked.
    Pardus really needs to hurry up with that flat tire….

  3. Peter

    Um, heroes, you're monologuing. Only villains monologue. Stop it.

  4. ALWS

    TIGRIS: Burn, baby, burn! Disco inferno! Hey, Leo. Go check on Onca while I beat this sucker's ass.
    LEO: What? Go help my sister? But I want to fight… I'm sure she'll be all right. Anyway, she is NOT getting us to fight amongst ourselves again.
    TIGRIS: You don't trust me, is that it? You think I'm still a F***ING CUB who CAN'T FIGHT worth a LICK? I'm better than the rest of you combined.
    LEO: Actually, I just really want to be the big hero who saves us all, even at my sibling's expense. But also… yeah, I don't think you can fight.
    TIGRIS: Hey, go get your sister, you big, stubborn, ninny who thinks I'm a failure.
    LEO: No! I'll let her die so the rest of us will be safe! I don't care about her except as a portion of the unit! Also, you're arrogant.
    UNCIA: Hahaha, what was that about not letting me split you up? XD
    LEO & TIGRIS: Shaddup, snowy! I want the spotlight because I for one actually CARE about the people here! Also, I'm the best. Totally the best. No question.

    In my opinion, Leo's probably right, and this survivalist, rational thinking is probably why he's the leader. I'm actually really surprised, though. I thought he would be the one rushing to Onca's aid while Tigris would hold him back. But since he definitely DOES worry about his sister, if he thinks Onca will be all right, it was probably the right choice. I still would have expected him to try to save her. However, I think Tigris does need a bit more of a say. She's probably the best fighter in the group and it seems as though her ideas aren't considered at all. I suppose the structure of the group is more of a monarchy than a democracy…

  5. Voduxe

    "And the dumb will be blinded by fury…" My own words. Is it just me, or do ex's always pick THE worst times to argue?

  6. GDA

    Um… you might wanna turn around so you don't get made dead?

  7. Dragon393

    Oh darn it, I'm out of pages to read. Oh well, it has definitely lighted my interest so I think I will check this comic regularly.

    There's one thing that's been bugging me though. It seems really nitpicky and isn't really all that important, I'm probably over thinking it. But the 3/4 view in this comic bugs me. Usually in such a view the eye farthest from the camera doesn't connect to the head, but when it does it has a distinctly different shape then the general curve of the head. Then again, the eye placement always seemed a little weird, though it has definitely improved. The eyes also seem to be a little narrow, it would work for human eyes, but doesn't seem to be the round yet angular eyes the cats normally have.

    …I'm sorry I went of on a tangent about the eyes, I think I might just be looking into this too much :/
    I have noticed the art gradually improve over time, and I like it, I always find it to be kind of entertaining in its own way to watch a webcomic evolve in quality.

  8. The Stork

    QUESTion! *raises hand*
    When does Panthera update? I just started reading this and-……..-must have more

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