dzJust kidding, Mapquest! You’re a thoroughly reliable direction-providing system.

Hey, did you know that if you sprain your thumb’s ulnar collateral ligament, your life sucks for about a month? Because I’m learning!

jeffNever let a chance with Uncia to make Emperor Palpatine jokes with her UNLIMITED POWEHHHHHH!!!!!

On other news, fan of Let’s Plays? Check out WebmistressL’s Youtube channel for Plays of Rule of Rose and Project Zero 2.

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  1. Kitty

    Brilliant page again guys!
    Hurry up Paradus!!!!!!
    Also i have no idea why but at first glance i thought Snowy over there was healing Onca, i was sat there thinking 'Hang on thats a weird twist!' 😛

  2. ALWS

    "Have you any idea how annoying you sound?"
    Asked Uncia Uncia, just coming around.
    "Go have your stupid fight on Jerry Springer."
    And as fights go, it was a real humdinger.
    "Apparently you don't get my proper meaning."
    Said the snowy leopard, her bright ether sheening.
    "Let me make this easier for both of you:"
    I'll just take the head of your friend out of view.
    "Ten seconds– tell me where the serum is hid–"
    Or I'll do her like the guards I already did.
    "Or I split your friend's head open like a **c*ing melon."
    I don't care for any laws, I'm a convicted felon.
    "…Could you even be any more a coward, fluffy?"
    Tigris doesn't like Onca, acts just like a toughie
    (Now it's hard to try to resist thinking of Buffy.)
    "Nine, eight, seven…"
    I'll blow her t' heaven.
    "Whoa, okay there, easy. We can talk. Nothing crazy."
    Oh, goddammit, Pardus… now come on, don't be lazy…
    "Have you seriously printed Mapquest directions?"
    Pardus said, not comprehending who made selections.
    "Uh, budget cuts were made, so there's no GPS."
    Apparently the Mapquest was a serious
    Thing, I thought maybe he'd become delirious.

    (Meanwhile Uncia continued devious
    Plots and threatened the lives– so mischievous!)
    All in all, I don't think that the day was the hardest
    For the poor cat I call simply Panthera Pardus.

  3. Darwin00

    Oh ugh, mapquest is the worst! Enough that I haven't touched that site in like six years!

  4. Jeffrey Hope

    Leo looks a little too pleased about the other two people on Panthera taking so long…

  5. GDA

    I keep expecting Onca to do a little Panthera-style "bloodbending."
    Or at least a reference to that show. xD

    I miss the "Pardus opened his mouth" jar.

  6. The Aussie Bloke

    I'm hoping it turns out that Onca is playing possum, and snakes a trail of water up Uncia's nose and down her airways. Drown, bitch!

  7. Michaela

    I believe it.

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