dzLove how this page turned out.

I can’t believe it’s already August. Where is the summer goii~ing…

jeffAlmost as many times as she’s knocked unconscious, do so many also underestimate her ability to come back and bite you in the ass.

Also check out my YouTube channel linked below, I’m more active there especially next week where I’ll be recording Sleeping Dogs when it’s finally released in the UK.

EDIT: Made a few changes, mainly adding aether effects to the last two panels.

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  1. The Aussie Bloke

    Attagirl Onca.

    As for Uncia… I'm guessing either cancer patient, or beloved family member with cancer.

  2. GDA

    Unica's speech is getting kinda annoying, isn't it? What with it not really being in full sentences and everything. Must be a pain in the butt to remember when scripting.

  3. ALWS

    OK, the last time I commented, I rhymed everything in the comic, turning it into a huge poem.
    So I thought, why not try it again? Some of it is slant rhyme. But who knows what "thr-" actually rhymes with…

    "Good, so start talking, Panthera! Five! Four!"
    The snow leopard said, preparing for war.
    Piss off!
    "Nice trick, I must say, Onca. Honestly, well-played, kid."
    Tigris likes the brave launching off that the leopard did.
    "Right, you're standing tall, I see. So can you pounce? Your cattiness, instincts… We're good?
    I hope that she's all right. Leo cares about her, as he definitely should.
    "Heal me after… we can beat her– I'll survive for now. Let's just end this."
    We must first fight and defeat her. Fight first: afterwards you can mend this…
    "Enough is enough, Uncia. Stand down!"
    The lion says as Uncia comes round.
    Yes I'm reusing that, but please don't hound
    Me on lyrics for cats; I by no means am bound
    By rules for the poets, writers of great renown…
    Well, anyway, let us get back to the d*** show, it
    Might suit us to not dwell on my skill as a poet.
    "This isn't fair fighting; you can't win and you know it."
    "I cannot quit."
    I won't do it!
    "Yes you can. And we can settle down and quietly discuss this–"
    I'll rip you up, Leo, with incisors, canines, and bicuspids.
    "No, I can't give them up… we cannot just fail."
    Ari's counting on her, he is on her tail.
    "I have to get the serum, dummies, I have to."
    Why's Uncia delirious, we have no clue.
    "All depends on it!"
    Go give them some sh*t.
    Her ether then sparkles, her tail twitches, vibrates,
    It wiggles and jiggles and tickles and gyrates.
    Sure, that's from The Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, great
    Book– as Uncia stands on ammon'um nitrate.
    I believe this stuff's good for somebody, supplying
    Fire, Tigris can send madame snow leopard flying.

  4. The Aussie Bloke

    Say, are those bags of ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil) that Uncia got tossed into it? Are we gunna see some 'splodin'?

    Go read the Tomorrow series to see just how deadly that stuff is.

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