dzThe past three weeks got completely out of hand; so sorry to all our readers! We’ll try to make it up with a few extra pages somewhere down the road if we can manage it. Anyway, here’s the latest!

jeffApologies for the long delay, work conflicts meant I couldn’t work on it much at all so thank you for your patience.

Also, bad work moment at the last moment tonight, but I shall fix it with PONIESPONIESPONIES.

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  1. ALWS

    Yes, Tigris, let's tear it all to the ground! It's time for you to TORCH THE PLACE!

  2. Jeffrey Hope

    I was starting to worry if you had abandoned the comic all of a sudden.

  3. AsianGuy

    I really wonder who is Uncia…better be patient for that.

  4. Sped

    Ponies ponies ponies

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