dzCan you spot the Portal 2 DLC reference?

In shapeshifting news this week, someone bought the movie rights to the legendarily godawful 80’s series “Manimal.” This guy was the original panther shapeshifter (and Pardus knows it.)

jeffDue to work and some art issues this page was doubly late. Bit of an odd time for both of us in work and such so updates are prob a bit hokey over the next few weeks I suspect. Rest assured however that Panthera will still continue on regardless.

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  1. Jeffrey Hope

    I had to reread the chapter from the start. The sporadic updates are messing me up in keeping track of what's going on in the comic. (Relax—I've done worse.)

  2. Kitty

    I have to say i love you guys, you've managed to create a comic that no matter the sometimes odd updates i still come back because i love the story :) so excited to see what Leo's plan is, and whether this idiot in panel six is going to muck it up.

  3. Accidental Leopard

    Chariots chariots.

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