dzSo has anyone else been noticing the piles of white ammonium-nitrate fertilizer spilled on the floor over the course of the chapter? Well, neither has Uncia, apparently.

jeffHandsome Jack was here, Butt Stallion says hi.

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  1. The Aussie Bloke

    Called it. Ka. Freaking. BOOM.

  2. Kitty

    Thats right Uncia, pep talk yourself, i do that all the time – especially to coax myself outta bed xD

  3. Teratorn

    I can just see Uncia being more worried about the S43 than herself. Of course he *can* teleport…

  4. TomRedlion

    Big bags of Boom! Big Boom!

  5. ALWS

    I called it! 😀 I even put it in that second, lamer poem!
    "…as Uncia stands on ammon'um nitrate.
    I believe this stuff's good for somebody, supplying
    Fire, Tigris can send madame snow leopard flying."

    Also, I was actually being slightly serious about Tigris torching the place. 😛

  6. antonious15068

    Ooops! Kitty fall up, go BOOM!

  7. Teratorn

    Actually, it just occurred to me that they might very well be bluffing. Unless they specifically want to level the building and destroy the S43 cache (if it's even there) they have no reason not to suck the air out and prevent the explosion right after Uncia teleports out

  8. Thomas Condrey

    Umm… is there going to be a topic in the forum? It's not there, yet.

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