dzI spent way too much time researching how to make ammonium nitrate fertilizer explode. I wonder how many watch lists I am now on.

jeffThis comic brought to you by EXPLOSSSIONNNSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

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  1. someguy

    There goes the warehouse.. and Uncia..

  2. Kitty

    Love <3

  3. Teratorn

    Uncia? UNCIAAAA!

  4. Guest.

    I hope Uncia made it out. I want to know who he or she is and I think it would be great for him/her to join the rest of Panthera.

  5. antonious15068

    You are probably on as many watch lists as I am. After all I spent 20+ years as part of the largest non-affiliated standing militia in the world. As a hobby.

  6. Darren McRoy

    So how's my explanation? I think I could write a term paper on deflagration-to-detonation transition, for the amount of work I did to write three panels. :-)

  7. antonious15068

    It was pretty good. Did you know unprocessed pistachios would do the same thing. Or stage the showdown in a grain silo. Stir up the micro dust, add a quick flash of flame. Isn't it wonderful how many ways there are for things to "accidentally" combust and explode?

  8. Hchano

    Catching up on Panthera feels wonderful. Missed it~ <3

  9. Rogue147

    I had to research this stuff for my HSC. It's simple enough explosives that I doubt you'll get into to much trouble for it.

  10. Puck

    Unprocessed pistachios? As in, just plain raw off the tree? Really? I knew flour explodes when tightly packed, but pistachios is a new one.

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