October 14th, 2012
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dzSome people thought I actually might have just killed Uncia. C’mon, guys, do I look like George R. R. Martin to you? It’ll be much more surprising when I suddenly kill off *MMMMPHHH*

jeffI just want to set the world on fire….

Also, I so want those Funko MLP vinyl figures of Rainbow Dash and Derpy. Annoyingly its so far US only and ebay sells it at double the price, not accounting for any high international shipping costs. Ah the perils of being a MLP fan in the UK.

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  1. Guest

    I knew Uncia survived. So I hope we will find out who he or she is soon.

  2. Zobot257

    Woah, Uncia unmasked? Intriguing…

    I can't imagine the kids are going to have a good time recovering from this, though. Even setting aside the healing of physical wounds with their healing powers, there's gonna be fallout…

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