dzAww, and you were all so sure I was going to reveal who Uncia is… :-)

Incidentally, what the CIA agents are using is a real thing called the Taser XREP. It’s a shotgun-mounted electroshock weapon that can be fired longer distances than a traditional Taser. From what I’ve read about government agencies and technology, it’s not entirely improbable for them to have the latest in weaponry but not a Garmin.

Oh, by the way, it’s been quite a while since we got any fan art, but Stephanie Campbell (~SuKiMiAsAkI on DeviantArt) did a cool pic including Kira/Tigris. Check it out!

EDIT: Thanks to our brilliant readers for pointing out that Onca forgot her morphing outfit and accidentally ripped up what she was wearing. Page has been edited for continuity.

jeffThey just don’t catch a break do they?

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  1. Josh.C

    That's not going to go well with relations between the goverment and Panthera.

    They both were on thin ice between one another.

  2. ALWS

    I guess this is why you should contact everybody on your team before doing something crazy– some plans are just crazy enough to work now and have you fall under suspicion for betraying the government later. It doesn't look good to be blowing up buildings on a whim– although traitor might be a little strong. Ari will surely train Uncia harder after that performance… so Panthera won't have as easy a fight next time.

  3. The Aussie Bloke

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Onca shred her clothes? I seem to recall she wasn't wearing her transforming outfit this time around.

  4. apstorm

    Idiotic government stooges… They've allowed Uncia to get away.

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