I always said that we’d be back, and we are! It took way too long, but we never forgot this story and I’m really thrilled to be back to telling it! If you’re returning to the story after a while, or if you’re new, why not go back and start from the beginning for a refresher? Otherwise, keep checking back for new pages each week from here on out!


Well, things certainly look different huh? First off I want to say a big thanks to all of you who continue to be fans of our little webcomic, it makes me happy to know that people continue to enjoy what we have made and still ask me on when we’ll be coming back. Hopefully today’s page will answer that question.

Two years is a long time however and things change, including my art which I hope you’ll find is a marked improvement to how it looks before. The hiatus and return has allowed me a chance to tweak some designs, and Jason at the moment has gone through the most. He now sports a revised hairstyle and new standard clothing. Let me know in the comments below what you think how he looks.

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  1. allyna

    Uh…. Sorry but, Jason looks like a female fashion model to me… Didn't recognize at first….

  2. Vix

    Welcome back!
    Love the direction your artistic talents have gone in~
    I'm eager to re-read the comic and have it update regularly again. <3

  3. The Chosen One

    Welcome back!
    Love the- actually yeah literally all of exactly what Vix just said.
    Way cool.

  4. Darwin00

    YAY!! Congrats on the return guys! There is definitely an improvement in how the comic looks! Another to add to my RSS (because of a computer crash and all…)

    Good to see you guys updating again!

  5. druidofthewolf

    it about time been checking this site every day around this time

  6. GDA


  7. The Aussie Bloke

    Jason: Yeah, gonna need to hear the questions before I can give answers.

  8. Ree

    Woaaahh. I really praise the colouring of this page and all the shinyness it conveys. Looking good!
    Oh and… you're baaaaaaaack! YUSSSSSSSSS.
    Now I won't have to live my life in a constant state of anxiousness.
    Welp, off to the beginning.

  9. Lixie

    Holy shit you're back! Welcome back!

  10. Bale Fire

    Wow. I know you said that you'd be coming back, but honestly I'd just about given up on your return. Anyway, glad to see the webcomic is still active, and hope things go more smoothly for you guys from now on.

    In regards to the art style, I'm liking most of the changes. That being said, Jason does like a little feminine in panels 6 and 7. I think it's his mouth (and maybe a little bit around the eyes). It sort of looks like he's wearing lipstick.

    But yeah, congratulations on the revival.

  11. Destry Soule

    i am really glad i decided to check on this because its BACK! cant wait to see were it goes.

  12. GardeBlaze

    OMG you guys are back! You're finally back! 😀 It's been too long.

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