Fun fact: Travis isn’t pulling that analogy out of thin air. This sort of trick is fairly common in espionage, and is in fact referred to as a “barium meal test” in spy jargon.

None of that helps the team’s current predicament, however. For clarity, Travis is saying that only a few people–including Panthera–were told about the “place in the woods east of Quabbin,” and that was where Uncia showed up. So who leaked that information?

Decided to tease you guys for the tweaked look of their feline forms in this page as the original script called for something a bit more elaborate.

Also, some separate news but Dream*scar has come out of hiatus and has started their new chapter. Check it out at Dream*scar.

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  1. DV8_IN

    OH MY GOD! is that the new look of panthera?! that's awesome!
    also, what the hell is up with his eyes? looks like a mix of bionic and cat almost…

  2. wwjdtd

    Why was it attacked… IDK: We were told to atack it from supiriors? Talk to those ppl.

    Just guessing.

    Glad to see you back.


  3. Catprog

    Or they have an undetectable tracer on their bodies?

  4. Nathan "Hyginx"

    Now that you guys are back, I have one more thing to look forward to on Fridays. :3

  5. The Aussie Bloke

    The pins/symbols that Ari gave them are bugged, aren't they?

    That would also explain how he tracked down the siblings when the FBI nabbed them.

  6. fionnsilverwolf

    "If you answer truthfully, and I plead really hard with the DA, there's a good chance we can cut a deal and get you all the death penalty."
    "How is that a deal?!"
    "Because we can do worse things than kill you, you know."

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