I wanted to take a moment to express sincere thanks to everyone who has been so enthusiastic abut our return. It’s so nice to know that we still have fans out there!

Have some ticked-off Dr. Søren Oosterhuis and some more of sinister mystery person.

jeffTrouble is afoot it seems. Yes, like the main team, even Ari gets a bit of a character redo. Also he sports a more classier attire.

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  1. Ree

    Ooh. Sinister, indeed.

  2. GardeBlaze

    Hello there mysterious figure. I do wonder how evil they must be if they're able to use another bad guy to further their own schemes.

    Also, is the snow leopard dead? It was a snow leopard right? I haven't had the time to look back through the archives sadly. If it's not dead then our heroes did more or a number to it then I thought they did.

  3. @lightningnymph


    Money on Pavlopoulos being involved somehow.

  4. Ramdomwolf

    DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. accidental leopard

    A little bit confused about who's hanging up on who in the third-to-last panel. From the dialogue it sounds like Soren but the image seems to show mysterious man-of-rock-and-shadows (if it is a man, that face looks almost like a mask) pressing that little switch that hangs up the phone.
    Yah it's pretty inconsequential to the plot (unless there's some really strange twist coming up involving that phone and everything hangs up in the balance XD) but I'm ADHD like that.
    Also if you get that pun I'm very very sorry. Ok, you caught me, I lied. I'm not sorry at all. 😀

  6. fionnsilverwolf

    "And plan B is…?"
    "Twice as much explosive as plan A."

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