dzPlease note that it’s the team being suspended here, not the comic. We already went through that little episode. :-)

… also, insert dramatic sound effect here. Lots of drama lately, yay!

jeffInsert D: face here. This page certainly took a while, especially with everyone’s new looks and current shading methods. I think the end result is worth it tho.

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  1. @lightningnymph

    So how exactly are they going to pull off trailing Panthera 24/7 when they're also on their department-wide mole hunt? I'd be impressed, especially when everything is having budget cuts.

    Seriously though, I feel so sorry for them.

  2. accidental leopard

    I have to admit it's still hard for me to see a snow leopard as a villain…
    I've known one in real life and of all the cats I see around the neighborhood he's by far the sweetest. It may be partly something about me cuz I've seen him get pissed off at some people but I think it still stands. :3

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