dzIn Five Nights at Bridgedale High School, you play as Luther Hughes, the school’s night-shift custodian, as he tries to avoid delusional mad scientists/ex-teachers wielding dart guns. The developers did scratch the mini-game where you sell E. to the senior class.

Yeah, I dunno, it’s late, shaddup.

jeffWe’re just a page away till the conclusion of this chapter. Pretty happy that we are able to finish this off after that pretty long hiatus, not to mention the response we’ve had now that we’re back. Don’t forget to leave a comment and also vote for us on TopWebComics.

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  1. Violet Indigo

    Yeeeeeeeeeeessssss I'm so glad you guys are back! TT_TT There are only so many web comics that catch my eye, and I absolutely LOVE this series! x3

  2. @lightningnymph

    Theeere we go. Page in its proper place at last. :p


  3. Insomniac

    Only negative I can see with this page is "What have do we here" in the first panel, lol. Keep up the great work guys.

  4. fionnsilverwolf

    "If you want to sell students pot, you have to push your product at college. I would like to see our students going somewhere OTHER than UC Berkley."

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