dzYou know, it wasn’t until this page was finished that I realized it kind of looked like our four characters up top have somehow replaced our favorite teens as the faces behind the cats. Nope! Just their normal, semi-allied, eternally strained and suspicious relationship.

In case anyone needs a primer/reminder: across the top, that’s Travis Ngai (DOJ internal affairs), Sarah Pavlopoulos (Bridgedale High teacher, former Ovid Pharmaceutical, Panthera’s liaison), “Commissioner” (DEA/FBI), and Adolphus “Paracelsus” Martin (CIA).

jeffAnd we’re back after our short break with the cover for Chapter 10. This was a fun page to draw as it’s our first proper look at the new looks for Panthera’s feline form. Took some time to improve how the cats look, particularly their patterns and facial features so they look a little more distinct. I hope you’ll appreciate their updated designs.

I have a higher res version of this on my galleries HERE if you want a closer look.

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  1. Peter Maurer

    I like the texturing of the different cat coats, love the guy in red who screams "I am a douchebag, fear me!"

    Pardus and Leo look constipated.

  2. Garth Rine

    Wow, I didn't think I'd make it to the "end" of the nine chapters in two days. Gotta say though, this is probably the best webcomic I have come across EVER! I also like the new texturing and patterns for our four heroes. It'd be kinda neat if Uncia was actually Taylor's friend, Marina, a fun little twist there. It would make sense since Marina kind of hates Taylor for keeping the Outing Club's activities secret from her. Marina wanted to know what the Outing Club was doing, and also, that would explain why Uncia knows Taylor's name.

  3. Ree

    Ooh~ New chapter. So excite. Much wow.

  4. GlitchedWolf

    Enjoying the new looks 😀 I had always hoped you would fix the anatomy (of their faces and body shape)

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