dzSeriously, have you ever been stuck in a marathon session of Parcheesi? You too may be tempted to drug the other participants in order to escape. The Quinn parents clearly know effective grounding punishments, although they may have underestimated their scientifically minded son.

jeffTrying out some new brushes for use in nature so bit of an experimental phase, but hopefully it looks good to you all.

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  1. The Aussie Bloke

    That's going to come back to bite him. Right. On. The. Arse. Short term solutions create long term problems, Leo.

    Also, loving Onca's jacket. That's a good look for her. Especially panel 6.

  2. Splotch

    Lol, I came back to this page after looking at all the earlier stuff. I had my theories, but now I know…
    You can definitely tell Taylor's character development just from her haircut.

    I've started calling every snow leopard at the zoo here "Fluffy" but I don't think anybody gets it. Too obvious. 😛

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