dzI like the irony that Kira was the only one who ended up not trying to break the rules about not transforming.

Here, have something funny found in a Spider-Man comic. Dinosaur guy is like the exact opposite of Panthera’s good buddy Søren!

jeffCan’t imagine how painful that must be, altho was interesting to draw in a way if that sounds a little odd. Also redesigned SWAT uniforms, a lot more easier to shade thats for sure yet still look detailed enough.

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  1. @Zobot257

    I like the fact that Kira seems to know something the rest of the group doesn't. I mean, she was traveling with a frigging SWAT team. What's up with that?

  2. Tjprower

    Well we got no class…
    And we got no principles
    And we got no innocence
    We can't even think of a word that rhymes

    No more pencils
    No more books
    No more teacher's dirty looks

    School's out forever
    School's out for summer
    School's out with fever
    School's out completely

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