dzIf you’re wondering when they got microchipped, it would have happened right after they were captured and were all unconscious.

As Jeff mentions below, this page was a bit late because we have burned through our buffer and need to refill. So we’re going to be off next week. We’ll have some type of filler, hopefully!

jeffApologies for the short delay, unexpected events meant we went through our buffer and only just got this page finished. With some other stuff coming up this month we’ll be taking a week or so off to rebuild our buffer. I hope to still show something next week tho so tune in then. Hopefully.

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  1. Chris B

    What I have never understood is how someone as smart as Leo is supposed to be would so blindly follow a science teacher in some crazy, cult-based scheme to fight crime beyond the reach of the law, and somehow, think that everything would be okay. Also, if he was such a genius, any military history section of the library would quickly inform Panthera's leader that while the U.S. military technology is great, it's bureaucracy and political pandering (even between the CIA and NSA) have made clandestine operations of any kind nearly impossible to implement compared to Mossad, KGB, MI6, and the original OSS operators. Also knowing how the government is so willing to put them in cages or turn them into lab experiments, at what point are these guys going to get a brain, and turn their handlers into late night snacks? Ah, government stooge, the other white meat…

  2. fionnsilverwolf

    If they try to transform, the microchip sends the "never-ending-nyan-cat" into their autonomic nervous system. Effects range from suicide to diabetic coma.

  3. Splotch

    Their military codenames are so much better than the latin…
    Actually kinda *clever*, you know.

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