dzWe are back! Thanks for sticking with us. Have a creepy terrorist video from Dr. Oosterhuis.

jeffWe’re back with a new page. I don’t think we’ve had this much Ari since the end of the last chapter. Schedules should still hold overall but because of a new job my time working on art has gone a bit wibbly wobbly timey whimey. That said stuff is still getting out there so it shouldn’t change much from a viewers point of view.

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  1. musicalife

    Shades of Bin Ladin or even ISIS anyone?

  2. @Zobot257

    Can someone please point out to the good doctor that saying things like "faced down death itself" is STILL pretty prideful?

  3. Gaisa

    well done on the use of the rarely known word "Doulos"
    for those who don't know the exact meaning, its readily available on the web, but for those who are too impatient, the short and dirty definition is "slave by choice"
    Simply put, he's a slave to his own desires. sneaky

  4. Accidental Leopard

    I know it's an obscure mod for an obscure old game but I'm getting Project Mandrill vibes all over.
    Also something from Bones… Jacob Broadsky anyone?

  5. Tubings

    Nice one there.

  6. valves and flanges

    Wow! This was simply amazing

  7. rajveerstain

    Good Job I am impress of your content…Thanks for Posting…

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