dzJason is really sick of inept government bureaucracy getting in the way of his team’s God-given right to be terrifying, super-powered, four-legged killing machines in peace.

jeffApologies for the delayed posting of this page, this new job has put a kink on my scheduling so page postings are going to be a bit off for a few weeks. Rest assured tho that pages will continue to come out weekly.

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  1. Hugin

    You tell 'em

    Oh Jason, if only I could say that to inept teachers about our coursework…

  2. @Zobot257


    This is going to go perfectly and without any possible backlash.

  3. V4V

    Milking that Renegade stat

  4. RG2Cents

    Sounds like a pretty snotty reconciliation they're being offered but I'm not sure if they have a choice. Looking forward to seeing where this decision takes them…

  5. Chris B

    They do have a choice: tell the Feds no, and walk away. What are they going to do? Further clamp down on Panthera's constitutional rights? More importantly, they are dealing with federal agents, not game wardens or big game hunters. How is Mr. Civil Service Worker with a semi-auto pistol going to cope with a giant cat tearing his face off in an enclosed space?

  6. Tubings

    A nice one there. Good going. Looking forward to reading more here.

  7. Splotch

    5-minute retirement eh?

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