dzGet excited, Panthera readers! I’ve spent a very, very long time laying pipe that is now finally about to start paying off. I can tell you that this arc will end with the next chapter, Chapter 11 (just this arc, mind! Much more Panthera to come!), and a lot of pieces are going to start coming together as we move towards that. I hope you’ll check in each week to follow along!

jeffIt’s been a while since we’ve seen Fletcher’s parents, who have been given an updated and more older look than before. The Quinn’s have also been giving some slight updates. An interesting page for sure.

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  1. Accidental Leopard

    Accidental explosion from a ruptured gas line?
    The media must realize that's going to fool just as many people as it would if they called it a military training exercise.

  2. RG2Cents

    Good highlights and nice matt finish on the pistol! I like the use of light in the scene outside the window in panel 5. Nicely done!

  3. Ree

    Ooh. A shadowy, armed stranger emerges… What malicious intentions does he hold?
    You guys honestly get better each page!

  4. gingadensetsualeu

    Oh, yes. Let's have the FBI show up at the reporter's house while he's investigating the camping club and right after the school explodes. That's ABSOLUTELY going to convince him that there's nothing secret going on here, yes sir.

  5. fionnsilverwolf

    The emergency meeting for parents at Town Hall…

    "Mr. Mayor, if Luther Hughes is dead, where are the parents going to get their Marijuana?"
    "Calm down, sir…I realize that certain medicinal substances are needed to help parents deal with their children, and without its side effects driving the pizza delivery businesses, our town economy will suffer greatly."

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