dzA shocking revelation, and a farewell to Dr. Sarah Pavlopoulos, oncologist-turned-team-handler-turned-traitor. (She’s been around since Chapter 4, incidentally.)

Why would she turn on Panthera and her government colleagues? What does it all mean? Stay tuned…

jeffWhen I first read the script for chapter 10 this was a big surprise for me given we’re killing of another adult character I kind of liked. The other being Kohler quite a while ago. But now we know who the culprit actually was.

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  1. Hchano


  2. deehee352

    It's official. That science teacher job is cursed.

  3. Ken Cypher

    …and, several chapters later, it turns out that she was ACTUALLY doing a B&E in order to find said double agent, who will turn out to be higher up in the command chain. She died in vain, and her name will be painted the BLACKEST PITCH even after the truth comes to light.

    Also, Deehee352 is correct: That science teacher job REALLY IS cursed.

  4. fionnsilverwolf

    "We found out who really did it. It turns out the entire agency is conspiring to screw these kids over, but since we're all so secretive, nobody knows it!"

  5. @Zobot257

    Deehee352 is indeed right. That job is cursed AND the kids will never trust a science teacher again. A year later Onca will accuse her next chemistry teacher of trying to breed lizardmen to take over the world.

  6. @Zobot257

    Ok, I hate to double post, but wasn't Sarah affilated with Ovid initally? Maybe the company was pursuing everyone''s favorite cat-scientist for their own goals… its the only motive I can think of right now that makes sense.

  7. Dethdukk

    Could be wrong about this, but it looks like she also walked in on Soren while he was practicing questionable practices. She's probably the one who discovered him and got him canned.

  8. Jezzer


  9. Ree

    *sharp intake of breath*

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