dzIn all of the excitement, did folks miss Andre being accosted by the feds a few pages back? Now we see if he can talk himself out of this… or, perhaps, into something more.

Oh, yeah, and FBI Agent Ashley Merrick is a new character, although he has been alluded to before.

jeffAndre can be a smooth talker when it gets down to it, altho it helps he has the dirt as well.

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  1. @lightningnymph

    Andre is one smooth bastard. Wonder if this is when we find out Uncia's "secret identity". :p

  2. @Zobot257

    He makes a decent case for himself, I'll give him that…

  3. druidofthewolf

    and now he get charge with aiding and abetting or he will become there new handler or some other wired thing happens. who knows tho i would charge him with aiding and abetting

  4. Bale_Fire

    Haha. I'd almost forgotten about this guy

  5. druidofthewolf i think he in more trouble then he thinks

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