dzI actually put a fair bit of effort into writing a real grade 9 math problem for panel 1. Guess Jason got the lion’s share (d’ya get it) of the math brains in the family.

jeffI was never a big fan of math either so I share Taylor’s frustration.

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  1. Bale_Fire

    Just a quick question. Is anyone else having problems using the voting link on the right side of the page? It keeps coming up to a "Page not Found" on a Time Warner Cable Website.

    So yeah, anyone else?

  2. Kayla

    Oh gosh, I read that joke about Jason getting the Lions share of the math's brains at the bottom and in my head all I heard is Scar in the Lion King saying "When it came to brains I got the lions share…" xD

  3. deehee352

    Okay, so, dude? In the last panel? That attitude towards the family member of a guy who can quite literally EAT YOU and who is already pissed off with you and yours? Not. Smart.

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