dzOh, hey, Andre. Guess your spiel worked about as well as you hoped it would.

Also, poor Taylor. She really liked Sarah. Hard one to swallow, that.

jeffApologies for the week delay, I was a bit ill the past week or two which obviously kills some motivation for some time. But we’re back up now so that’s something at least. Also goddamn Andre and his Cheshire grin.

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  1. druidofthewolf

    well at lest he was not sent to a country that torture and then given back to the US then we threaten to send them back if they do not talk if the country did not get the info for us. what the country dose when we give them the prisoner it not are fault.

  2. gingadensetsualeu

    Yes. Let's see the magic show.

  3. Tjprower

    Taylor, We have a saying: Don't trust anyone further than you can throw them. I know you have an impressive reach with your cat powers, but the only creatures you can trust are your friends… and even then, make sure to do your own research, lest you get blind-sided.

  4. Splotch

    Wait… shouldn't the cats have at least been able to tell the snow's gender by scent?
    It's not very difficult for cats to do… so I'm told!

    Also there are other easy ways to tell that I'll not mention in polite company. Not quite as easy when you're that fluffy, but still easy.

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