dzIt was fun writing Andre’s goofy summary of this comic’s plot.

Oh, hi, Tigris. We haven’t seen much of the feline forms in quite some time. More cats to come, I can promise that!

jeffIt’s actually been a while since I drew the crew as felines since the cover, so it was fun to draw the new Tigris here. May need some additional tweaks along the way but I’m happy how she’s turned out.

EDIT: So as it turns out I left out a fire effect on Tigris so took the time to actually work on my fire, at least on Tigris as my past attempts have been a bit hit and miss. I think this attempt came out pretty good tho.

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  1. Tjprower

    HA. Watch what you say, mate! You are only in their good graces because you know too much. Keep them cats in that bag. =P

  2. Robotech_Master

    Curiosity gets you killed by a cat?

    "So, how do you feel about cheetahs? Why? Oh…no reason…"

  3. gingadensetsualeu

    Awwww, I missed the magic show.

  4. Tablet

    Just sketches 😉

  5. Here

    i missed that thanks for again gave me memories

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