dzHere we go again…! Been a very long time since we had some real feline presence in the comic. Not since before our unfortunate hiatus, I think. You may notice that Jeff has gotten quite better at his cats in the meantime. At least I sure think so. :-)

jeffApologies for the delay this week, page took a little longer to complete since we’re back in the woods. The fun part was getting to draw the crew in their feline forms proper now. Tigris last week was a sign of things to come and you get a better look of everyone else this week.

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  1. Bale_Fire

    Well that's strange. Suddenly the voting button is working for me again.

    Anyway, all of the team's feline forms are looking pretty damn good. Tigris is looking particularly awesome.

  2. Gaisa

    Your artistic skill at drawing big cats has definitely improved :)

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