dzIncidentally, the highly observant might notice that the in-comic date has gone back a couple of days. I noticed that somewhere along the line the chronology got messed up. We’ll be going back and making a few tweaks to old dates. It has no relevancy to the actual plot, anyway. :-) HAI UNICIA.

jeffSo these past few pages have taken waaaay longer than they honestly should be so I’m sorry for those who expected a page last week. Hopefully the updated look of Uncia will appease you all, not to mention new combat effects.

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  1. @Zobot257

    Oh hello Uncia. Real clever move, diving into a cluster of foes, guns blazing like that. You have claws, kitten, but not the cunning or ruthlessness of a real feline fighter. You don't fight superior numbers by rushing them, you divide and conquer. Or at the very least you come up with an edge.

  2. gingadensetsualeu

    I find it hilarious how the "dark side" uses "force lightning."


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