dzAnd here we go.

Fun fact, it takes a lot of work to teach Jeff to draw a.) children and b.) cornrows.

jeffFunny thing, I’ve never drawn children till this day, it’s always been teens and up. Children are not exactly easy to draw so this was a challenge, but I like to think Devon came out pretty well, as did her hair. Also tried something slightly different with the walls to make them look a bit more interesting. Let me know what you think in the comments.

V has come to.

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  1. @lightningnymph

    Oh, no. Poor Marina. No wonder she was fine with doing whatever for Ari… D:

  2. Peter Maurer

    Panel 2, the cornrows came out okay. Panel 6… not as much. As for children… you know I don't know how you'd draw them in a manga style without making them come out infantilized or moe. So I guess good job on that front? Devon is neither of those two, although there are some jarring elements still about her that I can't quite describe. As for the walls, I think you're not giving them the proper depth. I haven't taken an art class, so I don't have the vocabulary to express this, but I think the lines aren't right enough to convey what you want out of them. However, it could also just be that you aren't shading them properly… I don't know, they look more off than usual.

    Marina's pretty good though. Aside from one perspective issue in panel one, you've captured the awkward gangliness of a freshman in high school. I especially like the book between her legs in five.

  3. Garth Rine

    I can see this chapter ending in either one of two ways. 1: Marina stays loyal to… Soren? Richard? Ari… ahh! Forget it, she stays loyal to Mr. Big Bad (Yes that's what I'm calling him now. He has WAY too many names) and Taylor and the others are forced to take her down along with Mr. Bad. Or 2: Taylor is able to reason with Marina and tell her that Mr. Big Bad is the evil dude so that there might be a chance that Marina will join the good guys.

  4. Fox


  5. hchano

    //panics cos it's been a month since an update

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